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About Us

Tyrpak Financial can trace its roots to 1933 through three generations of non-family ownership. Today Tyrpak Financial is planning its fourth generation as Mike Tyrpak prepares to continue his father, Jim’s legacy. Working primarily in the Western New York area, with clients nationwide, we specialize in serving the insurance, investment and employee-benefit needs of businesses and professional organizations, and providing Strategies 4 Life™ for individuals.

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Our Firm

We believe in Strategies 4 Life™. Many people spend years accumulating assets and purchasing insurance. Sometimes those financial decisions are to quickly solve a problem with one’s financial situation. With Strategies 4 Life ™ we look at the bigger picture, consider the long term implication of actions and coordinate them into a plan that focuses on the individual, family (and possibly business) desires for our clients. Utilizing our Strategies 4 Life ™ process you’ll have a strong sense of what you own and how it can help you accomplish what you’d like to in life.

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Our Services

Our team uses over 50-years of experience to help our clients clarify their long-term desires and customizes strategy to help them succeed. After communicating the strategy we will coordinate the implementation of the plan to meet your personal objectives. We will recommend asset managers who have a history and philosophy that meshes with your plan and we’ll communicate your progress toward your goals.

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